The Law of Replacement Exposed!

Has it ever occurred to you that what you attract in your life is much more than what you think? For example: if you think negative, you attract negative. The same applies if you think positive, you attract positive. Now, what if all you know how to do is think negative? The results won’t be so rewarding now, will they? You find your mind questioning itself… Why does this always happen to me? What if it were the opposite where all you do is attract positive and know how to deal with the negatives when they arrive. Let’s face it, negative thoughts come and go. How you handle them is up to you. In order to truly discover who you are as a person, you must know how to use this one key universal law from the universe to your advantage. Be able think more positive on a consistent basis. You can discover the mechanics of your mind right here through the link portal below…

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How To Stay Focused On Verizon FiOS Push Pause TV

FiOS NEWS – JUST ARRIVED! Check out the live segment with “How To Stay Focused” on Verizon FiOS, here is the full recorded story where you can watch it from your mobile device, computer, or smart t.v. Click here to watch the story live –


Joseph Mercado On Verizon FiOS TV – MMU

The Undiscovered You Online Webinar Presentation by Joseph Mercado

Discover Your True Potential with The Undiscovered You Internet Webinar Presentation! Get To Know How The Mechanics of Your Mind Really Works – Find Out The Truth About Your Thoughts and Your Emotions – Online 12 Week Mentoring Program Is Now Available for The New Year – Develop A New You! If You Would Like To Know More Information Call 631-494-4421 and I Will Provide You with The Details. I’m Here To Help You!

Master Mind University

The Undiscovered Your Presentation by Joseph Mercado

Founder Of Master Mind University On Verizon FiOS Push Pause TV Long Island

Here’s a screen shot from Verizon FIOS live segment story with “How To Stay Focused” broadcasted throughout the week on Push Pause TV – Educational Mind-Set Content.


Joseph Mercado On Verizon FiOS TV – MMU

Practice Your Skills And Make Them Permanent

“Practice allows you to permeate your skills, not perfect them. Sharpen your skill-set through redundancy and a diligent mind-set to finesse your focus.” -Joseph Mercado {Founder of: Master Mind University – Department of Life Skills – Law of Practice}


Life Skills

Practice Allows You To Permeate

Sometimes In Life You Must Do Things You Don’t Want To

“Sometimes in life you must do things you don’t want to do in order to go where you’ve never gone. It’s a part of life. You do it because you know it’s the right thing to do, not because you want to. Life isn’t about needs or wants, although it’s what society portrays. The reason is because most people don’t understand the difference between a need and a want. It’s about getting where you’re purposed to go and doing the achievable to get there. Many people will go astray, few will follow, and only one will lead with you. When you want something bad enough, you will break through every barrier made of bricks, conquer every wall made of concrete, and climb every tree that surpasses the height of the clouds to make it happen. Never, ever give up. Never care about other people’s negative thoughts towards you. At the end of the day, it’s your fuel to maintain your motivation. Make sacrifices now to have what you want later. It’s not easy. If it was, everyone would have it. People will question you. It’s okay. Pay no attention to utter-less distraction and gain solid traction with your intelligence. You have to develop an appetite and be hungry for what you envision and shaping it into your daily living. Combine patience with persistence and the outcome will result in something positive.” –Joseph Mercado {Founder of: Master Mind University – Department of Motivation – Laws of Life}

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Master Mind University International


You Must Network Your Thoughts

How often do you market your mind? Marketing has many variations attached to its name. You can market a product or service on or off the Internet. You can market your mind to other people within communications within a series of conversations. Marketing in the form of a campaign is another alternative method to describe the acts of being a marketer. Marketing is a science which involves different aspects of math to both understand and to implement when dealing with multiple languages in several niche markets. This is true when it comes to analyzing an industry in knowing the numbers as to what the market produces or does not produce. Be productive. The way you market your mind has much to do with how you network your thoughts and how your personality becomes branded onto the canvas of other people’s lives. You are the artisan of your own gallery when it comes to motivating the marketer within you. Market your mind with positive thoughts, vibrations, and actions.


You Must Network your Thoughts

Mathematics Is The Influence

Did you know your DNA is made up of binary code? Numbers play a vital role in our lives. In fact, if it weren’t for the binary system and coding ability which structures our human anatomy we would not exist. MathematicsĀ  is the actual determining factor which gives life to living matter. Your brain thinks in bits and bytes when it comes to assembling and delivering information. Math is an important subject in knowing the origins and behavioral patterns of life. You as an individual represent the number one. You’re made up of micro particles of light numbered in such a detailed sequential order, you image is made in perfect harmony with the harmony of the earth. Your equality makes it true. There’s only ONE YOU!


Mathematics Is The Influence

Are You An Asset or A Liability?

Are you more concerned more about assets or liabilities? When it comes to financial education, there is so much detail that is not disclosed in the early stage or latter stages of schooling, such as; high school, college, or local universities. You must seek assets rather than liabilities. The security you obtain must be extracted from your investments not from your income. Your finances are a tool to grow your life into financial freedom, not to be a tool used in the form of digital slavery. You attract financial success through the successful relationships you build throughout your network. Your network determines your net-worth. Be an asset rather than a liability.


Master Mind Finances (MMF)

Let Thy Negativity

How do you handle the negative emotions in your life? As you may or may not know, life can be tough at times. There are ups and downs and things that happen in which we don’t always have control over. Negativity can be quite challenging. The way you handle and manage the negatives is what makes you or breaks you. One of the best methods to deal with your stress is to use it as leverage to become more self-motivated. Implementing The Law of Replacement will also help you. In such a way where you can replace your negative thoughts with positive thoughts. You must be willing for change in order for positive change to take place.


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